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Stand out from the crowd by putting your
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The only solution that puts your brand at the heart of the user's phone.

The lock screen is a wide-open, empty space that users look at countless times a day. Your U mobile-enabled app allows you to capture this prime mobile real estate. By placing your dynamic content on the lock screen, your branded content and apps are seen first – letting you enjoy increased exposure, user engagement, and revenue.

Once U mobile is integrated with your app, Android users can "fling" through your content right from the lock screen. They enjoy instant access to their camera, dial pad, recent apps, and more.

Conduit's patent pending Unlock Via Content offers the only solution on the market that lets users unlock their phone and go directly into an app or article with one pinch-out gesture.

Don't get swallowed up in the crowd. Make your app stand out – go U mobile today.


A new and engaging way
to consume content

Users can fling through your dynamic
content channels – such as news, music,
sports, and more – anytime, anywhere.

Users can fling to browse different
articles within each channel.

Unlock via content Users can unlock their phone and go directly into your app by tapping any of your content items.

Share your content Users can share your content via their social feeds.

Your content, their choice Users can enjoy flinging through, sharing, and instantly accessing your content from any of your existing content categories. At any given time, users can choose three alternating content channels from a wide selection.

Additional U mobile features:

Fling to socialize Users can add their social feeds as part of their dynamic content channels, giving them front-row access to their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

One-swipe access With U mobile, users enjoy one-swipe access to camera, recently dialed numbers, favorite apps, and more.

Tap-to-search Tap-to-search lets users find results from their phone apps, contacts, and the web.


Boost brand exposure,
user engagement,
and revenue

Capture attention and increase daily interactions by integrating U mobile with your app By placing your dynamic content on the phone's prime real estate, users can stay up-to-date and interact with all your latest news directly from their lock screen.

A real-time, highly engaging way for users to consume your content When users open content that interests them, they are taken directly into your app which results in more content views, shares, and followers.

Generate new revenue streams Benefit from creative revenue-generation tools, including search, content marketing, app of the day, location-based deals, surprise box, and more.

What's Next

Put your brand on the Android lock screen in three easy steps

U mobile uses your existing feeds, and can easily be integrated with your app in just 1-2 business days!

Here's how to get started:

  1. You provide the feeds (RSS, XML, or other) for your dynamic content channels.
  2. We create and send you a custom-made lock screen design to match your brand and app.
  3. You receive an SDK which can be integrated into your app within 1-2 business days.

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